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Designed by the Gwent Bat Group.



  • ​Grooves in the back plate to provide grip.
  • Untreated wood as preservatives can harm bats.
  • Also available in eco-friendly, low-VOC black stain (applied to the exterior only).
  • Roofing felt which protects the box from the weather, making it last much longer.
  • Self-cleaning and low maintenance.
  • Back-plate with drilled holes to aid easy fastening to a building or tree.


Two loose nails hold the door/front closed. The door opens down to allow you to attach the box to a tree or building and to allow a licensed bat worker to check the box for use by bats.


The box measures approximately 41cm / 16" (H), 20cm / 8" (W) and 23cm / 9" (D).

Tanglewood Bat Box

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