House sparrows, once a common species are now in decline. House sparrows like to live near other sparrows, preferring the area around the eaves of houses. However, many modern houses are not ‘sparrow-friendly’.  This bird box can be erected close to the eaves to replicate this favoured nesting place.


  • Three separate nesting places in one box.
  • Deep box with a high entrance hole to reduce predation.
  • Drainage holes in the base to prevent waterlogging.
  • Exterior painted with non-toxic, low VOC preservative, available in a selection of colours.
  • Roofing felt which protects the box from the weather, making it last much longer.
  • 32mm entrance holes.


    The box measures approximately 33cm/16” (H), 52cm/20.5” (W) and 20cm/8” (D) (including the fixing battens).


Sparrow Terrace

SKU: 0005

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