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Made to the Vincent Wildlife Trust design.

Designed to provide an artificial breeding site for when natural sites are absent or rare. These boxes are also used to shelter from bad weather, to rest in during the day and to escape ground-based predators.

The den chamber size is similar to natural den sites.

The thick timber has good thermal properties and provides a warm, dry, safe resting/breeding place. 

The entrance holes at the base of the box and the overhanging roof help to keep rain and snow out. 

Having the entrances at the base also helps to prevent heat loss through convection and by reducing airflow.

Made with 18mm exterior plywood and pressure-treated softwood (FSC certified). Stainless steel screws are used to prevent corrosion.

These boxes measure approximately 65cm (W), 33cm (D) and 60cm ​(H). They weigh approx. 13kg.

I am happy to make alterations, add features eg box numbers or a felt roof - please just ask.

Pine Marten Box

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