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These boxes come as a kit to allow you to make the box yourself.  All the holes are pre-drilled and the fixings are included. The boxes are assembled and taken apart to ensure success. Great for a parent-child or classroom project.

The boxes are available with 25mm, 28mm and 32mm entrance holes or the open-fronted design.  Choose the entrance hole size based on the species you would like to attract and/or the species you would like to prevent.  If you have no preference, choose a box with a 32mm hole which suits the widest variety of species.

The 25mm hole is suitable for blue tits, coal tits, treecreepers, tree sparrows and other very small birds.  

The 28mm hole is suitable for blue tit, coal tit, marsh tit, tree sparrow, great tit, wren and other small birds.

The 32mm hole is suitable for all common, small hole-nesting birds, including blue tit, coal tit, marsh tit, tree creeper, tree sparrow, great tit, nuthatch, pied flycatcher and house sparrow.


Open-fronted boxes are suitable for robins, wrens, pied wagtail and spotted flycatcher.

All of the boxes have:

  • A removable front panel to allow cleaning. 
  • Drainage holes in the base to prevent waterlogging.
  • ​Deep box with a high entrance hole to reduce predation.
  • Long roof overhang to make it difficult for predators to reach into the box whilst sitting on the roof. 
  • Hole in the backplate to allow you to hang the box easily.


The boxes measure approximately 30cm/12" (H), 14.5cm/5.75" (W) and 22cm/9" (D). The boxes are untreated.


    Nestbox Kit

    SKU: 0004
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