Swift Boxes

Swift Boxes

​Swift Boxes

Swift Box                                                                                                                    From £30
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Swifts traditionally nested in the eaves and gables of buildings.  Modern houses and renovated buildings exclude swifts. These boxes are an easy way to replicate these nesting places.


The boxes should be positioned under the eaves or in the apex of a gable.  The best spot is at least 5m up and in the shade, with a clear flight path in to the box.


    Made from sustainably sourced (FSC certified) exterior plywood.
    The exterior can be painted with non-toxic, low VOC preservative (available in a selection of colours, see below).

Available with or without roofing felt.

The box is approximately 55cm/23" (W), 21cm/8" (T) and 27cm/10.5" (D) (including the fixing battens).


Hinged Swift Box                                                                                                       From £35
Hedgehog Box Arched.jpg

As above but with a hinged front to allow the box to be cleaned out. The door is held fastened by two large, loose clout nails.

Available with or without roofing felt.


Available Colours                                                                                                                       



    Light Oak

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    Dark Brown

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Woodland Green.JPG

    ​Woodland Green